Making it in Maine Filmmaker Panels

Panels open to All Access Passholders and Saturday Only Passholders. Tickets available at the door - $10 for both panels.

Making it in Maine, Part II: Low Budget Filmmaking - From Script to Screen
A filmmaker panel exploring the realities of bringing a script into production, funding options, distribution, and the special challenges of making it happen in Maine.
Moderator: Mariah Klapatch
Panelists: Corey Norman, Tonya Shevenell, Anna Gravel, Derek Kimball, Nicolle Littrell

MFA presents a VFX and Postproduction Workflow demonstration with Geoff Leighton

Making it in Maine, Part III: Setting Up Shop – Balancing Creativity and Making a Living
A filmmaker panel addressing the challenges of being a creative artist, a film professional, and running a successful small business in Maine.
Moderator: Manette Pottle
Panelists: Ben Severance, CJ Lampman, Morgan Myer, David Wright, Alex Steed, Lindsay Heald, Jen Smith

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 1:00pm