Omar Al Dakheel

The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion. Every day Waleed washes his disabled dad, Khaled, for prayer as a part of their Islamic religious obligation. But, when Khaled suspects his son is gay he's torn between accepting him or living on his own unable to pray.


Matthias Kreter

During a 10-minute ride, we witness in 2 parallel long-takes the changing rivalries between three gangsters and the growing panic of their hostage in the truck. The kidnappers are only minutes away from delivering the captive to their boss. They just have to cross a river.

Anyone Like Me

Mimi d’Autremont

Anyone Like Me is the story of a Hard of Hearing football coach, Shelby Bean, who found his identity as a member of the world's only Deaf collegiate football team, the Gallaudet University Bison.


Mackenzie Bartlett

When fall’s harvest bears bitter fruit, the Elder Council believes they only have one woman to blame. Rooted in ritual, the council declares the need for a “Baptism”, an old ceremony thought to soften the sinner and turn the town back onto the path of righteousness. Evelyn Doyle is not the first to be baptized. There are women in the town who carry with them the burden of their shame, and they do not speak. Baptism explores themes of sexism and misogyny through the lens of horror and magical realism.

Black Mountains

Joachim Neef

In the hope of escaping the ghost of his broken relationship and the dark sides in him that are responsible for it, Isaac travels through the Welsh countryside. When he finds accommodation in a remote B&B hidden in the hills, he thinks he has arrived in the right place to spend some time reflecting on the mess he left behind. But his stay takes an unexpected turn.

Bringing Back Bodrik

Robert Glowacky

In the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia, populations of wolves and bears are on the rise. Shepherds must find a way to protect their flocks from predation. A white dog from Slovak folklore may hold the key to bringing balance back to the Carpathians.


Natalia Preston

Sacrifice, a love story, longing and a difficult life far away from home: Carmen is a poignant and heartfelt portrait of a woman who follows her heart from Venezuela to Madrid, but finds a hard reality.


Sven Bresser

Kai and Thomas, two 12-year old friends, are inseparable. Together they're everything, alone they're nothing. Their bond is strong until a new girl steps into their classroom and catches Thomas' eye. This is a short narrative about Kai who is desperately trying to win back his best friend. He slowly loses control and makes a decision that will change his life forever.


Rick Hamilton

Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can’t be left up to fate.

Cloud Kumo

Yvonne Ng

Cloud Kumo is an experimental film that recounts the devastation of Hiroshima atomic bombing when Satoko Ishii, a real atomic bomb survivor revisit the darkest days of her life. Reiko, her granddaughter who suffers from the genetic radiation poisoning draws strength from Satoko to choreograph dance performance based on her life story. Together they face the future with hope and perseverance.