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Island Zero Premier at Emerge 2017

Give us a quick update on what you are working on now? Any upcoming projects or teasers?

Currently working on the script for a feature I'll be directing next fall in mid-coast Maine-it's a thriller! My podcast, Reckless Fancies, started airing in October!

Have you come across anything new in filmmaking you want to share? Any new technologies, resources, sites etc.

What I'd like to see come to filmmaking are some of the less tangible resources being utilized by other industries; progressive organizational styles. There are so many resources (money, time, culture building) being spent in the tech industries, even the financial industries, on improving communication and quality of life for employees. I'd love to see some of the work around emotional intelligence, for example, be employed by filmmakers. Not just studios either, there's just as much to be gained by indies in creating the best collaborative environment possible.

What is your favorite season to shoot in?

Fall! It's my favorite season, period. Cinematically I love the idea of viewing the world in a state of change that can imply death, renewal, restoration, shedding the former self...I could go on. Fall is the best and most colorful time of year. Not to mention the weather is desirable-not too hot or cold!

Who is your favorite Director (aside from yourself)?

At the moment, the directors I'm most drawn to are the people taking audacious risks--the cinematic experiences that really surprise me even if they don't entirely "succeed." Recently that's been the Wachowskis, Anna Biller, Yorgos Lanthimos. From a business perspective Patty Jenkins is my hero. I love that she held out for so long to get a historic deal signed with Warner Bros, it's fantastic.

What is your must see film(s) for 2017 or coming in 2018?

I just saw Mother and love it or hate it, the experience was singular. Next I can't wait for The Killing of a Sacred Dear, Mudbound, I'm excited to see what Greta Gerwig will do with Lady Bird. You Were Never Really Here is Lynne Ramsay's first feature in six years and with Jonathan Ames as source material I assume that will be stunning. It bears repeating that everyone should see Get Out.

What advice do you give to up-and-coming indie filmmakers?

Write a good script and don't be a jerk to be people. For me, a lot of my creative growth didn't start happening until I was able to remove financial dependence from my creative work and make time to spend more thoughtfully developing as an artist. I am privileged enough to have a second, non-entertainment, career that I love that provides me with a lot of freedom. I wouldn't have any of the opportunities I do now if I hadn't spent several years making that reality. It's not advice, per se, but I did make a somewhat different path for myself than the usual entertainment industry narrative. It took intentionality and patience.

Some of your favorite film festivals you’ve attended?

Honestly, cross my heart, Emerge has been my favorite so far. We were treated so well by everyone; our projection needs were treated with care and of course it's always the biggest pleasure to screen in Maine surrounded by so many supportive friends.

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