27 Weeks

Sarah Kaplan

27 Weeks is the story of two families and their babies' journeys through UMASS Memorial's NICU. The film explores the parents' thoughts and experiences while also showcasing the babies time in the NICU, from day one to discharge. This piece shows the struggles, emotions, and hope that is endured when having a baby earlier than expected.

A City and It's Land

Hugh Kenny
Today, Auburn, Maine faces an inflection point. For the past few years, a debate has been raging over the town’s agricultural zone. Should Auburn maintain its current path, one that has ensured that woodlands and farmland are protected from the pressures of development and sprawl? Or should it change the rules to try to encourage development in the way that so many other towns and cities across the country have already? This film combines my personal experience working in Auburn, Maine with interviews of both farmers and government officials to gain insight into how we form relationships with the landscapes in which we live and then enact policies to shape the land to our needs. This film is the main component of my Environmental Studies thesis at Bates College.

Act of Loving

Austin Gilbert

Emma finds herself at the centre of a film production as its leading lady. A distant father, a disengaged director and an enigmatic co-star all contribute to her growing anxieties as she awaits an added scene that she's confronted with.

Acts of Contrition

Stephen Bisaccia

A priest grapples with his experiences of faith, the past, and his ride-sharing night job in an attempt to prevent a grieving penitent's death.

Âmbar (Amber)

Felipe Blankenheim

A young woman hunts down the man who brutally murdered her sister.

Rinck Advertising 10/02 at 6:45pm & 7:35pm
Community Little Theatre 10/04 at 1:45pm

As One

David Spaltro

Jill must put one foot in front of the other to move through her grief, and with connection she discovers that every mile has a story.

Rinck Advertising 10/02 at 5:45pm & 8:30pm
Franco 10/04 at 8:45pm

Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War

Kerry David

The sordid world of wildlife trafficking and poaching is orchestrated by ruthless crime syndicates.
An unlikely group of heroes are rising up to do all they can to prevent and reverse these terrible offenses against the planet.
Filmmaker, Kerry David and her dedicated crew, pursue a passion that takes them around the globe to meet the courageous women who are living on the frontline of this silent war; risking all to prevent Africa's most vulnerable animals from becoming extinct.
Breaking Their Silence will shine a bright and inspiring light on their intelligence, empathy, strength and stamina to invoke deeply passionate responses from viewers as they watch these women face and conquer insurmountable odds.
A hopeful film created to inspire and motivate moviegoers, Breaking Their Silence will challenge everyone to become part of the solution, and arm them with the means to do so.

Burying Mitchell

Sam Williamson

Having loved and lost the same man, two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband for the first time to settle a $1M life insurance policy. Working together they put their past in the ground once and for all.

Colors of France

Jacob Chang-Raslce

Cinematic drone shots of France.

Dead Air

R.J. Wilson

Horror in 60 seconds

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